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Submission Guidelines

Last Updated: May 12, 2006

Due to lack of submissions, Fudge Factor is going on indefinite hiatus. It may return in the future, it may not. But until further notice, please do not submit articles. They will not be read or responded to.

So you want to send us something?

That's great! Fudge Factor is nothing more than a name without the efforts and work of people like you. In order to make life easier for the FF staff (and thus to make it easier for your work to be seen), please note the following guidelines.

Questions regarding these guidelines can be sent to editor @

What we want
  1. We accept written articles as well as art.
  2. All submissions should either relate to Fudge in some way, or be of a non-system specific nature that will still be of use to Fudge gamers.
  3. You must be the legal owner of the work to submit something, and you remain responsible for your work.
  4. All forms of artwork are acceptable - hand drawn, computer generated, computer modified photographs, etc. - as long as it is converted to the proper image format for our use.
  5. Unless you submitted your art with an article, it will be included in another article. The appropriateness of your art for the articles requiring art will greatly affect the acceptance rate. While Fudge Factor may run articles that are collections of art with minimal text, ("Castle Maps through the Ages"), we don't expect to run art as an article.
  6. Material that has already been published (on a personal webpage, for example) is acceptable as long as it is not commonly known and there are no legal issues regarding our republication.
What we don't want
  1. We may run exceptional (in our opinion) fiction, but don't write any assuming you can convince us to run it.
  2. NPCs with background and/or adventure seeds are fine, but we aren't interested in hearing the exploits of your character(s). The more generally useful any such submission is to the average Fudge player, the more likely we are to run it.
  3. All submissions should be appropriate for a general audience. While we have our views on censorship, Fudge Factor strives to appeal to as many as possible while offending as few as possible.
  4. Please do not create a type, column, series, or class for your submission. Such things fragment our content, create an expectation of future material that may not manifest, and the material can usually stand alone on its own right anyway. If you are interested in writing a column or series of articles, please contact us with a detailed proposal before submitting any work.
How we want it
  1. Article submissions should be in plain ASCII text (i.e. a .TXT file). Please do not use HTML or proprietary formats (such as Word or PDF).
    • We really like TWiki markup, which is very human readable, and which the staff uses to reformat your article anyway. You're not required to use it, but it makes our job easier.
    • Regardless of what kind of style markup you use, please indicate the depth of your headers. The title is top level, then there are section and sub-section headers, etc. Figuring these out from the text is not always as easy as you might think.
    • Required markup (sidebars, images, etc) can be indicated in the text:
      Note that blahblahblah
      [End sidebar]
      However please keep such to a minimum. If you have associated images, mention that in the message and an editor will respond. Images should be in .GIF, .JPG format.
  2. Please run your article submissions through a basic spell checker.
  3. There is no need to include the "About Fudge" or "Disclaimer" sections as required by the Fudge license -- these sections will be included in Fudge Factor.
  4. All submissions (art included) should include a title
  5. If article submissions relate to the works of others (NAGS, Gatecrasher, etc) please make that clear in the article.
  6. We cannot accept articles based on commercial works that are not _Fudge_ based roleplaying games.
  7. Images should be .JPG or .GIF formats, and pre-scaled to fit our issues. We can and will make any scaling to fit, but the closer the original is, the better it will look and the better the odds of acceptance.
  8. All graphics must include the artists signature or other defining mark.
  9. Bits are free, so we have no enforced minimum or maximum word counts. However, we are still interested in quality material. The average article ranges from 1,000 to 5,000 words. If your count is over or under than, double check to make sure you're saying enough, but not more than enough.
Standards and Practices
  • "Fudge", not "FUDGE"
  • "Roleplaying", not "Role-Playing"
  • "Gamemaster" or "GM", not "Game Master" or "Game-master"
  • "Player Character" or "PC"
How to send it to us
  1. All submissions should include the authors email address and real name. Neither of them need to be published, but we need to have them. If you wish to have your email address suppressed or your work credit to a handle or nickname, include that information in your email message. Unless you specifically tell us otherwise, we will list your real name and email address with the article.
  2. All submissions should be included in the body of the email, attachments can cause unnecessary difficulties
  3. Article submissions should be emailed to editor @ fudgefactor - please put "[SUB] Title of Submission" in the subject line of your email. For example: "[SUB] Nihilistic Fudge Resolution". If you have associated art to submit, mention it and an editor will contact you.
  4. If you have an independent art submission you should email editor @ - please put "[ART] Title of Submission" in the subject line of your email. For example: "[ART] Restaurant Maps". Include a brief description of the art topic in the email. An editor will contact you about sending the actual image(s).
  5. If you have multiple article submissions, please send each in separate emails.
  6. Once you have submitted your article, please do not send updates later on. Once the article has entered the editing process, it is a great deal of work to incorporate your changes. Make sure you are happy with your article before you submit it.
What you get
  1. You retain all copyright to your material, but grant Fudge Factor perpetual non-exclusive rights to publish your work online and to edit/update it as necessary.
  2. No payment or compensation is available for authors or artists (or staff for that matter). You may gain the awe and respect of your peers, but we aren't promising anything.
What happens next
  1. All authors and artists should receive an email within 7 days about the status of the article. If you do not receive a reply in 14 days please send a follow-up email to editor @ Be sure to mention the title of the article you are asking about.