Thursday, April 01, 2004

Editorial: Everything Old Is New Again

Exciting times are afoot for Fudge Factor and Fudge in general!

Let's talk about the elephant in the room right off the bat: The announcement by Grey Ghost Games that they've acquired the full copyright for Fudge, and are planning to take Fudge into the land of Open Gaming.

Folks, this is just huge. I have personally long felt that the existing Fudge License — I'm talking about the commercial one here — was keeping more potential publishers out of doing Fudge material than was generally believed. If some of the chatter over on the Fudge legal issues mailing list is right, I am really looking forward to what we may start seeing getting, at the least, e-published over the next twelve to eighteen months.

The possibilities for cross-pollenation should not be set aside lightly, either. Regardless what your opinion may be of d20 material on the market today, there are some diamonds in the rough out there, and with OGL d20 material and OGL Fudge material both getting out there, the two will be able to mix. An OGL Fudge means we could start seeing more dual-system supplements, adventures, settings ... But given ten hours to babble about this, I'll fill all ten, so let me cut myself there and just reaffirm: this is cool.

To bring this back to the Factor, we're turning a new leaf of sorts with this issue. The smallest is the most obvious: we've given Fudge Factor a facelift, one that still remains friendly to our text-browsing readership while giving a little more pizzazz to the graphically inclined.

But read on past this editorial, and you'll see something else to go along with our usual stellar array of articles — interviews and sponsors. This is all a part of our renewed commitment — given new meaning and intensity by the news from Grey Ghost — to supporting the commercial publication of Fudge products (and, thus, growing the community).

To kick off our first-ever interview issue, we're giving you one and a half — all of an interview with the man himself, Steffan O'Sullivan, and the first part of an interview with Ann Dupuis of Grey Ghost Games. In the coming months, you'll see us talking with other folks in the Fudge publication biz, as well as particular personalities from the Fudge community at large.

We're also working on building partnerships with commercial publishers by way of our sponsorship page, which you'll find at the end of this, and all future, issues. This is a win for everyone involved — our readers get a discount on some fine Fudge wares, and the publishers get the advantage of drawing our focused readership to their products.

It all boils down to this. We're riding on the crest of a wave this month. It is still building in momentum, and when it reaches the coast — well, who knows how it will shape things? I, for one, am glad I'm here to be a part of it.