Monday, May 08, 2006

Anime Battle Magic

Tired of the wizards always using their big guns first, even when the genre calls for a different approach? Here's a solution built for cinematic anime, but is easily adaptable to other genres as well.

The world exploded. It took all of Tristan's will to stay conscious as he was slammed up against a wall with bone crushing force. Despite numerous injuries, the golden haired warrior pulled himself to his feet.

Lord Manse regarded him quizzically. "You still live? Impressive. However, by now you must realize that it is foolish to stand against me. Your sword and magic are no match for my power. I will give you one more chance to walk away. Otherwise I will be forced to destroy you."

"Forget it Mansey, I haven't even broken a sweat. You're not even worth my time."

"Very well. Goodbye, boy." Lord Manse pointed at the warrior and a golden light surrounded his hand.

Tristan looked up, he had a cocky grin on his face. "Nice try, but it's to late. You should have paid more attention to my partner."

Tristan raise his voice, "Light of the Sun, the Moon, and of all Creation. Blood of the Gods that flows through the Universe. Gather to my will, hear my request and unmake that which would stand against us. Let your true power be shown and annihilate everything around. Armageddon Nexus!"

Manse's eyes went wide. "No, n-not that! Not that spell! Nooooooooo!"

The world filled with brilliance and Lord Manse, his palace and a good chunk of the surrounding area were no more.

As a GM, that is what you had hoped for. But with most RPGs all you ever get is this:

Lord Manse rose from his throne and glared down at the pitiful pair before him. "What's this? Why I see-"

"This the guy?" Lisa interrupted.

Tristan looked at his list. "Yep, that's the dude."

"Keen, I cast Armageddon Nexus!"

Boom. End of campaign.

Let's face it, one of the core rules of most PC behavior is that they'll always use their biggest guns first. Who can blame them? It makes sense. However, this does mean that it's difficult to play out an anime series with cinematic magic. In this type of story, the main characters will start with tiny spells and build up to a massive climax at the end of the battle. This creates tension, excitement, and general coolness. These rules are designed to allow for just this kind of play, without making the characters feel like they are being punished by the genre.

The Sorcery Skill

The Sorcery Skill is a measuring stick to determine what kind of spells any particular magic user can cast. Spells are rated from Fair to Legendary. In order to be able to cast a spell, a sorcerer's Sorcery skill must equal to or greater than the spell's rating.

The Sorcery skill has no default. A Sorcery rating of Mediocre or worse just means that you're a magical wannabe with no real power.

To get spells at character creation, the player spends one skill level and chooses one spell out of the GM's allowed starting spell list. The spell's rating isn't an issue cost-wise; all that matters is that its rating doesn't exceed the level of the character's Sorcery Skill.

For instance, if a character buys Sorcery at Great, then he can only buy spells that are Fair, Good, or Great. Superb spells are totally out of the question. However, any starting spells that he buys, whether Fair, Good or Great, can be bought at a cost of one level each.

Before the game starts, the GM should determine how rare Sorcery is. If it's very common, then he should allow the PCs to buy Sorcery like any other skill. If it's somewhat rare, then the gift Magic Affinity is required before the character is allowed put levels into Sorcery and Spells. If it's really rare, then Magic Affinity should be a Supernatural Power instead.

After the game starts, the PCs can raise Sorcery like any other skill. Learning a new spell only costs one experience point. However, the character should have a reasonable explanation as to how he learned it. Very powerful spells (i.e. Great, Superb, and Legendary) might require vast resources or a quest. You just don't learn Armageddon Nexus from the magic shop down the street.

If the GM wants to vary what spells different characters can cast, he may want to split the Sorcery skill up into a number of different disciplines. In the examples and the sample spell list, Sorcery is split into Light, Darkness, and Twilight magic.


Lisa Inverne is a new sorcerer. Since magic is somewhat rare in her setting, the first thing that her player buys is the Magic Affinity Gift. Next Lisa buys some Skills. The GM has limited all skills to Great, so Lisa purchases Great Light Magic and Good Twilight Magic. This costs her five skill levels. Later she can raise these and even purchase Dark Magic with experience points.

After this Lisa buys some spells. These are: Fist of Light (Fair, Light Magic), Mote of Illumination (Fair, Light Magic), Volga Imp (Fair, Twilight Magic), Healing Touch (Good, Light Magic), Blast Bolt (Good, Light Magic), Gray Wings (Good, Twilight Magic) and Ray Blast (Great, Light Magic). There are seven spells in total, so this will cost her seven skill levels.

In total, her magical abilities have cost one Gift and twelve Skill levels. Now she's ready to blow things to smithereens.

After the game starts, Lisa will be able to improve her sorcery skills and buy more spells with experience. All sorcery skills are raised just like any other. She can get new spells at the cost of one experience point each (no matter what level the spell is). The GM reminds Lisa's player that she may not be able to learn powerful spells right away if she can't find the proper research material in game.

How To Cast A Spell

In order to cast a spell, a sorcerer must first build up a certain amount of "magical power." Only when she has enough power to release a spell can she then unleash the desired magic.

The following is a list on how much MP each level of spell requires.

  • Fair: 1
  • Good: 2
  • Great: 4
  • Superb: 8
  • Legendary: 16

Magic Points (MP) is a counter that starts off at 0. Building up this counter takes no effort whatsoever, all the caster needs is time. She can perform any of her normal actions (attack, defense, reciting Shakespeare or whatever) and still gain MP. She gathers three MP at the end of each round. When she casts a spell, she must spend one to sixteen MP. One for spells like Feeble Slap of the Weakling, to sixteen for Death O' the World. When the caster relaxes (i.e. combat stops, or she ceases to need to cast spells) her MP score falls back to 0.

Preventing Abuse

It should be noted that the GM should not allow the PCs to gather magic points before a fight or major event. So going to the bar and waiting five hours to gather MP before fighting the Monster Lord of Doom is out of the question. A caster should only be able to gather MPs when she is in a life or death situation, or when she wants to cast a single spell in a non-stressful situation, then after that this spell is cast her MP falls back to zero.

If the character spends a Fudge Point, she automatically gains 3 MPs at the beginning of her current round.

Optional Rule: Chant. If a character does nothing for an entire round (this means no defense rolls) except chant a spell, she can generate 3 extra MP before casting it. This can come in handy if she wants to cast a really powerful spell really quickly. She can only do this if she's missing the MP cost for the spell she wants to cast by 3 or less. Doing this means she will act at the end of the round, no matter what her initiative roll actually was. All the sample spells have chants the player can use when her character is doing this for effect. Feel free to make up your own chants.

Casting a spell requires a normal action and the caster must be able to shout the name of the spell and point (or make some other sort of gesture). The roll required depends on the type of spell. For more information see the spell listings below.


Lisa Inverne and Black Leaf the elf want to show you how magic works.

Lisa: "Hi".

Blackleaf smiles and waves.

In order to do so they will have a magic duel.

Lisa: "Uh, in a word no."

Blackleaf looks like she's not going for this.

The winner will get 5 gold pieces.

Lisa: "You're on!"

Blackleaf sighs.

1st Round

Lisa gets initiative.

Lisa decides that she'll finish this fight right here and now. She spends a Fudge Point and immediately casts Blast Bolt. Blackleaf shrieks and goes on an all-out-defense to dodge. Rolls are made and at the end of the round Lisa has succeeded in destroying a tree.

MP at the End of the Round
Lisa 4 +3 for Fudge Point, -2 for Good spell, +3 at the end of the round.
Blackleaf 3 +3 at the end of the round.

2nd Round

Blackleaf gets initiative.

Blackleaf decides to call for backup. She casts Ghost Ally. The shade appears and asks her what it can do to help. Lisa throws a Ray Blast at them. Blackleaf barely gets out of the way. The Ghost she just summoned isn't so lucky and is destroyed.

"H-hey be careful, someone could get hurt!"

"Don't worry, after I hit you I'll recommend a good doctor."

MP at the End of the Round
Lisa 3 -4 for Great Spell.+3 at the end of the round.
Blackleaf 4 -2 for Good Spell.+3 at the end of the round.

3rd Round

Blackleaf gets initiative.

Blackleaf casts Bale Sword and attacks Lisa with it. Lisa would cast defensive magic, but she's never learned any. She tries to dodge but sadly she didn't take any defensive skills either. She gets whammed on the side of the head with the flat of Blackleaf's magical blade. She takes +5 damage and falls unconscious.

"And remember folks, the person who said that a best defense is a good offense was a dummy."

MP at the End of the Round
Lisa 0 End of combat all MP drops to zero.
Blackleaf 0 End of combat all MP drops to zero.

The Spell List

The following are sample spells and how they work. They are broken up into three different schools: Light Magic, Dark Magic, and Twilight Magic.

Note: Spells in this system can get very powerful really quick. I would recommend that a Fudge Point-based experience system be used in any setting that uses this magic rules set.

Fair Spells

Fist of Light (Light Magic)

This spell lashes out with a blue ball of kinetic force. The caster makes a Thrown Spell roll to hit, the target makes an Agility roll to dodge. This spell does +0 damage.

Chant: Energy, gather in my hand, FIST OF LIGHT!

Mote of Illumination (Light Magic)

This spell creates a floating ball of light that is under the caster's mental command. It has the approximate brightness of a torch. This ball can move anywhere within the caster's line of sight. This spell lasts for one hour.

Chant: Darkness begone MOTE OF ILLUMINATION!

Blessing (Light Magic)

Blessing gives the target a +1 bonus to one defense roll of the target's choice. This spell lasts until the bonus is used or an hour passes. This spell can not be cast on the same person more than once a day.

Chant: Grace of the gods be with thee BLESSING!

Shadow Puppets (Dark Magic)

This spell grants the caster the ability to make intricate shadow puppets by the force of his will alone. He can mould any shadows he can see into any shape he wants. The caster's creations are all obviously shadows and anyone with reasonable intelligence won't be fooled into believing they are anything more, that is unless the caster is clever. This spell lasts until the caster stops making shadow puppets.

Chant: Tricks of darkness come alive SHADOW PUPPETS!

Shadow Whip (Dark Magic)

This spell allows the caster to form a whip of shadow in his hand. He attacks with this like any other melee weapon and it does +0 damage. The whip is perfectly solid and an attack that does +4 damage or more is needed to break it. The magician can cast this spell and attack with it at the same time. This spell lasts until the caster lets go of the whip.

Chant: Darkness heed my command SHADOW WHIP!

Shadow Grab (Dark Magic)

This spell enables the caster to grab someone or something's shadow. He can use this to pull an object towards him (using his normal Strength), trip someone up, etc. If the victim is a living target, he can tear his shadow with a Strength roll versus the magician's Will. If victim succeeds his shadow vanishes for about five minutes with no ill effects. Grabbing someone's shadow in no way stops the him from fighting back. This spell lasts until the caster lets go of the shadow.

Chant: Darkness fall within my grasp SHADOW GRAB!

Volga Imp (Twilight Magic)

The caster can call forth an Imp from the spirit world to do his bidding. This creature's not much for combat, but can do some useful things like distract an enemy or fetch an object that is out of the caster's reach. The Volga Imp will stick around until the caster tells him to leave, is defeated, or a half an hour has passed.


Traits: Agility: Good, Awareness: Good, Strength: Mediocre, Cunning: Good, Melee Combat: Mediocre, Mysticism: Fair, Skulk: Good

Gifts: Claws (+2 damage), Keen Sight (+1 to Sight Based Awareness), Leathery Hide (+1 DF), Winged Flight

Flaws: Scale -4

Chant: Mists gather to my will VOLGA IMP!

Mind Speak (Twilight Magic)

This spell will let the caster send a mental message to any target who considers him a friend. The target cannot communicate back. He can shut the caster out with a Poor Will roll. This spell lasts until the caster stops concentrating on it. Range is not an issue for this spell.

Chant: Hear my words MIND SPEAK!

Jazmyr Leap (Twilight Magic)

When this spell is cast the sorcerer can leap vast distances. Specifically he can jump six meters up or twelve meters across. This spell lasts for five rounds.

Chant: Dance of the heavens be mine JAZMYR LEAP!

Good Spells

Balm of Light (Light Magic)

This spell heals physical injury with a touch. When casting this spell, treat it like an attack with the caster's Light Magic versus Fair. This "attack" does +5 "damage." Use this to determine what the maximum wound level this spell can heal. This magic will only work once per wound, after that the patient will have to heal naturally.

Chant: Suffering melt away BALM OF LIGHT!

Blast Bolt (Light Magic)

When the magician casts this magic, a searing bolt of light shoots from her closed fist. She makes a Thrown Spells roll to hit. The bolt does +5 damage.

Chant: Righteous anger be mine BLAST BOLT!

Valis Shield (Light Magic)

This spell creates a glowing shield of light on the caster's arm. She can block attacks with this shield by making a Fair Melee roll. This spell will not stop attacks that do more than +7 damage (if you try the shield shatters and the spell ends). This spell will last for five rounds.

Chant: Light of the Heavens come to my aid VALIS SHIELD!

Shadow Shroud (Dark Magic)

The caster gathers darkness around her to make it easier to sneak. It won't let her disappear from sight but it will grant a +1 bonus to all Sneak rolls and obscure her features in darkness. This spell lasts for five rounds. She will have to wait for the duration to completely run out before casting this spell again.

Chant: Gloom gather around and cloak me SHADOW SHROUD!

Bale Sword (Dark Magic)

This spell is like Shadow Whip except that it creates a sword of pure darkness. This blade does +3 damage. This spell will last until the caster lets go of the sword.

Chant: Blade of Darkness be mine BALE SWORD!

Curse of Darkness (Dark Magic)

This spell creates a field of pitch black around the victim's head, blinding her. To succeed with this spell the caster must make a Dark Magic roll versus the victim's Will. If the caster fails nothing happens. While under the effects of this spell, the target will be at a -2 penalty to do anything that involves sight. This spell will last for five rounds.

Chant: Blindness cover my enemy CURSE OF DARKNESS!

Ghost Ally (Twilight Magic)

This spell is like Volga Imp except that it summons a powerful ghost instead of an imp. The ghost can't interact much with the physical world but it can act as a distraction and has a numbing touch that can hurt living beings. It also can't be hurt by conventional weapons (though Magic will hurt it normally). The Ghost will stick around until the caster tells her to leave, it is "killed," or five rounds have passed


Traits: Agility: Good, Awareness: Good, Strength: Poor, Melee Combat: Fair, Skulk: Good, Will: Fair

Gifts: Cold Touch +0 (Ignores Armor, Is not a Strength attack)

Supernatural Powers: Flight, Incorporeal

Flaws: Always Incorporeal, Any Light attack spell does +3 damage.

Note: Beings that are not using magic defenses (i.e. a Defensive Light Spell, or a Darkness Weapon) get -1 versus attack rolls from this creature because they can not parry.

Chant: Shade of the past come to me GHOST ALLY!

Gray Wings (Twilight Magic)

This spell creates a huge set of shadowy gray wings on the caster's back. She can use these wings to fly. She moves as fast as a bird of prey and uses her Agility to maneuver. This spell lasts for seven minutes, she can not recast it until the spell has expired and her feet are on solid ground.

Chant: Mists of dusk gather and carry me to the stars GRAY WINGS!

Banish (Twilight Magic)

This spell allows the caster to banish a summoned creature. She simply makes an opposed Twilight Magic roll versus the Summoner. If the caster wins, the summoned creature vanishes back to where it came.

Chant: Creature from another world begone BANISH!

Great Spells

Ray Blast (Light Magic)

This spell is like Blast Bolt except that the attack explodes outwards in a radius of a small room (the caster can lower the area of affect if he chooses). The caster gets +1 on his Thrown Spell roll to hit. This spell does +10 damage.

Chat: -Light of the heavens, brilliant stars of glory come to my aid and destroy my enemy. RAY BLAST!_

Illumination Mystic Shield (Light Magic)

This spell creates a dome of force around the caster and his friends. It covers an area equal to a small room. It's as solid as a stone wall and has a DF of 12 (any attack that penetrates this will destroy the shield). The dome is transparent. It stops damage both ways so it is not a good spell to cast when you want to hurt your enemies. This spell lasts as long as shield holds or until five minutes have passed.

Chant: Shadows vanish, sorrow fades, and all turn to the Lords of Light for succor. Great power lies within the hearts of the valiant. ILLUMINATION MYSTIC SHIELD!

Undead Horde Destruction (Light Magic)

This spell radiates brilliant light from the caster with an area equal to a small house. The caster must make a Fair Light Magic roll. Any undead within this area will take +5 damage that ignores armor. There is no defense roll for this attack.

Chant: You who are rotting corpses, the legion of the damned. Return to whence you came and bother us no more. UNDEAD HORDE DESTRUCTION!

Nether Scythe (Dark Magic)

This spell is like Bale Sword but it creates a Scythe, which does +8 damage. This spell lasts as long as the caster holds onto the Scythe.

Chant: "Cold darkness from beyond, bend to my will, form in my hand and become my might. NETHER SCYTHE!"

Corpse Rise (Dark Magic)

With this spell the caster can create an undead ally out of a fresh corpse. He makes a Dark Magic roll. His creation starts with a Fair Strength and Agility, he then splits the bonus he generated form his roll between the two (i.e. a Superb roll grants a +3 bonus). Stronger undead become zombies, quicker undead become Skeletons. Their attack skills are equal to their Strength and their defense skills are equal to their Agility. The creature created will last until destroyed, but it is also not very bright or socially acceptable.

Chant: Pitiful fool who has died, stand and serve for the glory of your true master. CORPSE RISE!

Cloak of Shadows (Dark Magic)

This spell makes the caster and whatever he is wearing/carrying nearly invisible. This gives him +2 in any contested rolls where sight matters (Even Combat Rolls). If his opponent has a keen sense of hearing, this bonus is reduced to +1. If his opponent has some other way to see him, or is blind but functional then there is no bonus to this spell. This spell will last for five rounds.

Chant: Blackest Night shroud me. Away from the prying eyes of the Just I will work my misdeeds. CLOAK OF SHADOWS!

Wind Door (Twilight Magic)

This spell allows the caster to teleport. He must be able to see his destination. To determine how far he can go make a Twilight Magic roll and the bonus he generates is the number of kilometers he can travel (i.e. a Great Roll = 2 Km). The caster can choose to travel a lesser distance. He can take whatever he's wearing and carrying with him. The caster can also use this spell for defense. If he does so he uses his Twilight Magic as the defense roll (but will still have to pay the MP for this spell when he casts it). Using the spell in this way will cancel out the attack bonus for area effect spells.

Chant: Breath of the earth, carry me on your silvery wings. WIND DOOR!

Solomon Call (Twilight Magic)

This spell summons a minor Djinni to serve the caster. He's a powerful being and comes ready to fight dressed in light armor and carrying a small weapon (determined by the GM). The Djinni will stick around until the caster tells him to leave, the Djinni is killed, or five minutes have passed. The caster can only summon one Djinni at a time.


Traits: Agility: Fair, Awareness: Good, Strength: Great, Command: Fair, Cunning: Fair, Languages: Good, Melee Combat: Great, Mysticism: Good, Ranged Combat: Good, Sailing: Fair, Sorcery: Good, Stamina: Great, Will: Fair

Gifts: +1 Scale

Supernatural Powers: Magic (Restricted to Light Magic), Flight

Chant: Eternal breath, call to the Power from Beyond. Lend me your servant to grant me aid. SOLOMON CALL!

Twilight Break (Twilight Magic)

This spell allows the caster to attempt to cancel any spell whose duration has yet to run out. Usually this is any magic he can see, but in the case of the Cloak of Shadows Spell, the caster just needs to be aware of the general direction. To cancel out a spell the caster simply makes an opposed Twilight Magic roll versus the caster's (using whatever Magic he used to cast the spell). If he succeeds, the spell ends, if not, nothing happens. This spell will not cancel out summonings, use Banish instead. The caster can use this spell as a defensive roll against any spell (aside from Legendary) that is cast against him.

Chant: Magic of the world, harmonize with my power, shake with the thunder of the ancients and shatter this unreality before me. TWILIGHT BREAK!

Superb Spells

Brilliant Radiance of Destruction (Light Magic)

When this spell is cast, everything with in a large area (roughly the size of a house) is hit with a brilliant light that vaporizes everything under its effect. The caster gets +3 to hit with this spell. It does +15 damage that ignores armor.

Chant: Wrath of the gods, hidden anger that runs in the undercurrent of the world. You who have been held back by a mighty hand. I release you from your bondage so that you may shine for one brief glorious moment. BRILLIANT RADIANCE OF DESTRUCTION!

Aegis Call (Light Magic)

This spell surrounds the caster with a glowing nimbus of energy that grants her +17 DF (magical protection which blocks magical attacks). It will last for one hour, or until an attack penetrates it, whichever comes first.

Chant: Light of the heavens, shine down and embrace me. Great power of the Radiant Sun, show your true benevolence and wreath me in your protective warmth. AEGIS CALL!

Mercy Sky (Light Magic)

This spell completely rids the target of any permanent or temporary physical ailments she suffers. Diseases are cured, toxins are banished, missing limbs re-grow, it can even cure insanity. The only things this spell does not cure are curses from Legendary Spells, and conditions that the target has inflicted on herself (i.e. this spell can't get rid of Faults that are "character flaws"). It also can not bring people back from the dead.

Chant: Power of Creation flow through me. Aid me in ridding this disruption of the pattern. Heal those who are in pain and call out to you. MERCY SKY!

Demon Rip (Dark Magic)

This spell summons pitch black, spiky, shadow plate mail that covers the caster form head to foot. While under the effects of this spell, the caster's scale increases by +4, her unarmed attacks do an extra +3 damage and the armor itself adds +5 defense (all bonuses add to the scale bonuses). This amour does not hinder the caster's movement in the slightest. It lasts for 5 minutes.

Chant: Power of the Hells, wreath me in the fire that chills like ice. Black flame of Addadon, surround me, protect me, and grant me the claws of might. DEMON RIP!

Vile Curse (Dark Magic)

When the caster uses this spell, have her make a Dark Magic Roll versus her Target's Will. If she succeeds, one Trait that she chooses is immediately brought down to Terrible. This spell will last for five minutes.

Chant: Enemy before me, wither and rot. Feel the sting of the one true darkness. VILE CURSE!

Shadow Trap (Dark Magic)

This spell causes the victim to fall into her own shadow. The caster makes a Dark Magic roll versus her Target's Will. If she wins, the victim disappears into her own shadow just as if she had fallen through a trap door. The victim will be in a state of suspended animation, and nothing can harm her or the shadow she's trapped in. She will remain trapped for five hours or until the caster releases her from the spell. The caster can fold up the shadow like a blanket and take it with her. This also works on non-animate objects that are smaller than a house (the caster has to beat a difficulty of Fair for inanimate objects.).

Chant: Shadow before me show, your true nature and devour that which would own you. Enfold it in your blackness and show who the true master is. SHADOW TRAP!

Djinni Knight Invocation (Twilight Magic)

This spell summons a powerful Djinni to serve the caster. She's comes ready with the best armor and weapons money can buy (determined by the GM, and they disappear when she does). The Djinni will stick around until the caster tells her to leave, the Djinni is killed, or five minutes have passed. The summoner can only have one Djinni Knight serve her at a time. However,the Djinni Knight can summon up to 3 minor Djinni of her own (that stay around as long as she does).

Djinni Knight

Traits: Agility: Great, Awareness: Great, Strength: Great, Command: Superb, Cunning: Good, Languages: Great, Melee Combat: Superb, Mysticism: Great, Ranged Combat: Great, Sailing: Fair, Sorcery: Great, Stamina: Great, Will: Great

Gifts: +2 Scale

Supernatural Powers: Magic (Restricted to Dark Magic and Solomon's Call), Flight

Chant: Lord of Twilight, head my request and send one who is pure in the Between World. Green earth tremble, for here comes a true servant of the Grey Power. DJINNI KNIGHT INVOCATION!

Zord Rift (Twilight Magic)

This spell will create a gate into another dimension of the caster's choosing (the GM decides what dimensions are available). Fortunately, there are no dimensions that will cause the end of this one through mere contact, but some "interesting" things might walk through it. The gate must remain in the same location, but the caster can open it and close it at will as long as the spell lasts. This isn't really much of a combat spell but it does give the magician access to resources that are not available to many others. The gate will remain accessible for five hours.

Chant: Pathways of the Between World, be mine. Open your halls to my will, so that I can see what lies beyond. ZORD RIFT!

Mystic Seal (Twilight Magic)

This spell covers an area in a thin grey mist. No magic aside from Legendary spells will work within this fog. The area of the mist equals a large house. It will last until the caster wills it to drop or goes to sleep/falls unconscious.

Chant: Powers of the Beyond, seal the channels of magic. Close the doors and cut off your blessing from the world. MYSTIC SEAL!

Legendary Spells

Armageddon Nexus (Light Magic)

This spell destroys a huge area around the caster with a searing white light. The area it covers is equal to a large village. The caster rolls Light Magic versus Fair (unless one of the targets is teleporting away otherwise there is no roll to defend) and everything inside this spell will take +20 damage that ignores armor. Only the caster and his allies are unaffected

Chant: Light of the Sun, the Moon, and of all Creation. Blood of the Gods that flows through the Universe, gather to my will, hear my request and unmake that which would stand against us. Let your true power be shown and annihilate everything around. ARMAGEDDON NEXUS!

Shield of the Gods (Light Magic)

This creates a transparent dome of force that can be any size the caster wants, from small enough to protect only him, to large enough to cover an entire village (though once he chooses the size it stays that way until the spell ends). The globe travels around with the caster and provides a +22 defensive factor for anyone inside. This spell automatically lets anything in that will not harm the caster. The caster and his allies can used ranged attacks and spells to attack those outside the shield with impunity. Any attack that would penetrate the spell ends it, otherwise it lasts for five hours.

Chant: O Light of the Heavens, I call upon you. Hear my plea and shower down your blessings upon your servant. Grant me the strength to stand when everything else falls. Shield us in this time of need and show us that your true strength is everlasting. SHIELD OF THE GODS!

Glorious Resurrection (Light Magic)

This spell will bring someone who died back from the dead at full health and ready for anything. The physical condition of the body doesn't matter but there must be at least a trace of it left (even if its ashes) and the caster must have access to it. The target comes back armed and equipped as he was just before he died. This spell can not be used on someone who had it cast upon them already.

Chant: Radiant Sun, I whisper your true name. Hear my request and manifest your will. Destroy Darkness, end Shadow, and restore hope to our world. GLORIOUS RESURRECTION!

Dragon of Darkness (Dark Magic)

When this spell is cast, the sorcerer turns into a terrible dragon of darkness. His new form is about as large as a T-Rex and has a scale of +8. His claws will do +5 damage. He has +6 armor. The caster can also fly with black leathery wings at the speed of a falcon. He can also (for three magic points) breath a jet of negative energy that does +15 damage (roll Black Magic To hit). This spell last for for a full twelve hours.

Chant: Nightmare that was before the dawn of creation, everlasting field of black, I summon you to infuse me. Transform me with your might. Old horror come alive again. DRAGON OF DARKNESS!

Curse of Forever (Dark Magic)

This is like Vile Curse, but it affects all Traits and will last until the caster is slain, or he wills it to end.

Chant: O you who stand before me, pain is not enough, death is not enough, obliteration is not enough. You will feel the full wrath of the deepest cold, the blackest dark. Become a pitiful worm and beg for the end. CURSE OF FOREVER!.

Zomb Call (Dark Magic)

This spell affects everyone within the area equal to that of a large village. The caster makes a Dark Magic Roll -2. Everyone who has a Will Stat less than what the caster rolled in the area of effect will become the caster's mindless slave. Player Characters can roll their Will to resist rather than just taking it. This magic will last five hours.

Chant: Ancient Mind Spider that sits under the world weaving her web, I call upon you to heed my command. Pull your threads and tug at the wills of the weak, for they will grow strong and become my army. Slaves, follow my desire, for all will fall before me. ZOMB CALL!

Djinni Lord (Twilight Magic)

This spell summons Katharka, a duke of the Djinni to aid (not serve, aid) the caster. He is an extremely powerful being, his stats are outlined below. He will remain until "killed," dispelled (by the caster), or a full twelve hours have passed. There is only one Katharka. However, he in turn can summon twelve Djinni Knights who in turn can summon their own minor Djinn.

Katharka, Djinni Lord

Traits: Agility: Great, Awareness: Superb, Strength: Superb, Command: Legendary, Cunning: Superb, Languages: Legendary, Melee Combat: Superb, Mysticism: Superb, Ranged Combat: Superb, Sailing: Great, Sorcery: Superb, Will: Legendary

Gifts: +4 Scale

Supernatural Powers: Magic (All schools), Can shrink himself as small as a mouse and yet keep his scale value, Flight

Equipment: Massive Master Work Sword +5 damage, Master Work Armor +5

Chant: Lord of the Grey, I call upon you. King of the Between, Lord of the Nothingness that lies beyond creation, send me your aid. Katharka, heed the pact between I and your master. Appear on this world to shake mountains and make the unworthy quake. DJINNI LORD!

Twilight Shroud (Twilight Magic)

This spell removes the target's ability to cast spells. The caster rolls Twilight Magic versus the victim's Will. If the caster wins, his adversary will not be able to use magic and will have a grey fog hang around him wherever he goes. It lasts until the caster wills it to end or he is killed.

Chant: Flux of the Beyond, be still. Everlasting Change, be still. Flow of the Universe, be still. For the one who stands before me will no longer feel your hum. Banish him to the world of the mundane and let him weep. TWILIGHT SHROUD!

World Shift (Twilight Magic)

With this spell, the caster can teleport himself and as many willing subjects as he can see anywhere he has previously been (other dimensions count) or anywhere he can see. The caster should make a Twilight Magic Roll versus Fair. Failure does not indicate death, but it does mean that the caster and his friends are teleported to somewhere he has never been. When this kind of botch happens the caster can not cast this spell again for three days.

Chant: Winds of the void that twist in the Beyond, gather around and heed your servant. Pull us along your mysterious path. Grant us the ultimate freedom of unspace. Take us where we need to be. WORLD SHIFT!

Making Your Own Spells

GMs (or players if the GM's willing) can make up their own spells by using the spell list as an example. There are no hard and fast rules to do this. Just write out a spell and assign it a rating that feels right.


  1. I want a spell that sends a bolt of numbing dark energy at my opponent. Looking at the spell list, I decide to use Blast Bolt as an example. In the description, I say that it fires dark energy instead of light energy and presto, I have the spell. I add it to the list of spells and any of my players can buy it for their characters.
  2. I write up a spell that causes a gust of wind to knock back my character's opponents. When he casts the spell, everyone within a cone shaped area roughly the size of a small hut must roll Strength versus my character's Twilight Magic roll. Anyone who fails is tossed three meters back and lands on their butt. The GM sees this write up and assigns a Great rating to the spell. I can now purchase it with experience for my character if I want him to cast it.
  3. I want a spell that conjures large heavy objects. Possibly over my opponent's head. My GM sighs and looks to the spell list. She decides that +10 damage would be the right amount unless I want to conjure a castle or something. She also decides that I can't conjure anything with moving parts and it can only be up to the size of a wagon. The object will last for about five minutes and this will be a Great Spell. I say I want to be able to conjure battleships that last forever. She says that she'll allow it but the rating will go up to Legendary.