Saturday, September 01, 2001

About Fudge Factor

Fudge Factor is a free online magazine dedicated to the advocacy and support of role-playing and the Fudge system.

We are currently releasing a new article every week on the World Wide Web. Fudge Factor's first issue went live on October 1, 2001.

If you are interested in submitting an article to Fudge Factor, please see our Submission Guidelines. If you are interested in otherwise contributing to Fudge Factor as a volunteer editor or technical support, email editor @ fudgefactor .org.

The staff of Fudge Factor review and edit articles, correspond with authors, compile issues, and manage the various technical issues involved with the website. The current staff is:

Carl Cravens - Editor-in-Chief & current Managing Editor

Carl has been using Fudge almost exclusively since about 1993 and is the founder of the Fudge List discussion group, a co-founder of Fudge Factor, and the co-owner of _Fudge Factor_'s host, The Phoenyx.

Fred Hicks - Contributing Editor

Fred has been using Fudge for the better part of the past decade, and is an active member of the Fudge community. He was one of our earliest contributors, and joined the staff in early 2004 as our Managing Editor. Getting a contract to produce the Dresden Files RPG has forced him to take a more back-seat role, but he is still a significant influence on the magazine.

Tim Huntley - Copy Editor

Tim has been a Fudge fan for more years than he cares to count. Tim is the co-owner of Domibia Games, who is hard at work on a revised edition of the Gatecrasher Science Fantasy Adventure game for Fudge.

Robb Neumann - Copy Editor

An avid role-player for over twenty years, Robb ran through a number of systems until discovering Fudge while browsing through some role-playing file library in the days before the world wide web. Not content with simply tinkering, Robb stepped forward recently to lend a hand with Fudge Factor.

David Jaquith - Junior Copy Editor

David Jaquith has been playing fudge and writing things for it for the past five or so years. He writes adventures and game plots a lot more often than he actually plays the game. He's currently coping with life as a college student, but still plays an active role on the staff.

Of course, Fudge Factor could not exist without the generous contributions of time and effort by our authors, and the Fudge system created and offered by Steffan O'Sullivan.